ever wonder what my whole deal is? me too

About me

I'm Nicky Flowers, but you probably gathered that by now considering what this site's URL is. I'm a 28 year old non-binary artist, currently living in the Bay Area with my partner. I'm primarily known for making music, including my big hit "Wii Shop Channel (Remix)". I think my best is yet to come. As of the latest major site update, I'm working on multiple albums, solo and with a friend. ~Stay tuned~

In addition to music, I dabble in everything I can manage--video production, livestreaming, podcasting, Game Boy homebrew development... I'm like a shark, in that I always have to keep moving and I deserve an entire week dedicated to how cool I am.

I rely on the support of the very kind people who buy my work and donate to my ko-fi page. If you're one of them--thank you!

Other facts about me:

  • Has the highest score in Garfield for Atari 2600 (verification currently pending but c'mon)
  • Once accidentally said a swear on live TV but I don't think anyone caught it and the station I worked for never got in trouble, so,
  • Thinks jazz is the only good thing America ever did