my BBS is like a forum but it runs on q4os and if the power goes out in my neighborhood, the forum goes down too

Enter... >:3c

What the hell is this. What is BBS

Well, I'll tell you. Right now.

It stands for Bulletin Board System. it was how people were online before the Internet. it was BIG. but now it's mostly little boards on telnet run by niche hobbyists (which includes me now). it's fun you really gotta check this shit out. explore other boards too; i like 20 For Beers and Quantum Wormhole. Here's a cool huge documentary about the history of them. if you'd like to learn more. Great film, 5 bags of popcorn.

More info on my BBS

  • This is the 2nd iteration of my personal board, Big Beautiful System. RIP to the first one, Dec. 2021 - July 2022.
  • a lively message board section, file area with exclusive art, instant chat meetups every sunday!! pls post
  • This board is slightly more robust, in the sense that there are fewer features added that can crash it lol. its more focused on the messaging and community aspect of BBSing and it's going great so far
  • it's fun you really gotta check this shit out