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An Open Letter To Colby S.

Dear Colby,

Last week, January 8th around 6pm, you ordered a 2-3 person provolone, ham, & salami submarine sandwich, along with a smaller 1-2 person turkey & bacon club from a sandwich store in the East Bay. I know all of this because I was the one who ate them. Let me explain.

I too, ordered supper from the very same San Pablo plaza but from a different fast food store. Our shared delivery driver made a simple mistake--but I hope you don't blame them. That's a tough job. I hope you tipped them well despite the mix-up, Colby. I just have to imagine you did.

I assume it was a 1:1 mix-up; I got your subs and you got my burritos. Did you like them? I got extra sour cream but I know you like extra stuff since both subs had extra meat. They fed me for 3 whole days, Colby. Who were you going to feed with them? I know you got the big one and I know you kept some for later; this is a sub made for leftovers. The smaller sub though, was it for a friend? A lover? I'm sorry that I didn't get nearly an equivalent amount. I bet you split my burritos evenly though. Anyone going for the bread with parmesan baked onto it has class.

Maybe it's silly of me to try and know someone through their sandwich order. But I feel very strongly about sandwiches. It's the ultimate food. It pleases everyone because it can be anything. And it is everything. What your sandwich is says a lot about you. My friend, your sandwich was so good I had to check the receipt in the bag I threw out to find your name. I was also hoping for a phone number, to text you about our dinner swap and to compliment your choices. The addition of herbs & peppers, the light vinaigrette, the previously mentioned parmesan bread. Inspired. This is a sandwich for someone who lives in the moment and thinks "You know what this moment could use? Flavor. For two :)" Thank you. I will never forget this.

From now on, when I want a sub, I'm getting The Colby S.

Now and forever, Nicky F.


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