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It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

Lately, I’ve been afraid to post more on my website because of my growing perfectionism blocking all forms of expression. For some reason, everything I make has to be important and big or otherwise it’s a waste of time and I’ve failed. I don’t know where this came from but it’s made the EP I’m trying to work on… difficult. And everything else.

But this is a blog post! Why am I overthinking this. A blog post can be little. It doesn’t have to be some grand, sweeping thing. A small thought or two. Here’s a thought—if everyone in the world learned how to do a backflip and we all did it at the same, we could turn the Earth inside out. A blog post also doesn’t have to be factually accurate. It can have its own logic. There isn’t any reason to blog, so you might as well blog for any reason at all. Here’s another thought—if you listen to every Kraftwerk album at the same time, it will reveal a hidden message. The message will be in German and impossible to hear over all the noise.

That felt good to write. Hopefully I can take this energy back to the studio (the studio is my desk(I should really get out of bed)).

Nicky Flowers - 02/23/24