ooo-weee-oooo i look just like rivers cuomo/ohh-ohhh and you're also rivers too

Return of Weezer Wednesday

It's been about a year since my unjust but much-needed ban from Twitter, now known to some as X for reasons we don't have to get into. It really has been nice to unplug from the worst parts of the social web and focus on smaller online communities and spaces with friends. Getting the Twitter out of my brain made me avoid that kind of thing in other parts of my life. I no longer crave "numbers" and "quote tweet dunks". However, for all the good it did for me to get 86'd, I posted a lot of fun stuff on my Twitter in the 10 years I wasted on there. I downloaded an archive of it all a bit before the ban but as it turns out!! It doesn't contain!! Every post!! It has the start of threads BUT NOT ANY TWEETS YOU ADDED to the thread. And we can't blame Elon for this one, as Twitter has always been fucking stupid. Anyway, there's a lot of fun threads I'd wanna revisit but can't anymore and that bums me out.

It's not all bad though. I did manage to find all the images from Weezer Wednesday.

Weezer Wednesday was a long thread I did over the course of March 13, 2019 from the hours of 12:44am to 7:12pm. I was suferring from pretty intense insomnia and going through a rough anxiety spell—the 13th was day 2 of no sleep. To keep myself somewhat sane, I wanted to distract myself. Don't remember why at this point, but I started making funny edits of the cover art for Weezer's debut album. Great album, iconic photo on the cover, easy to mess around with in Photoshop. Plus, I've got beef with Rivers. He knows what he did.

I posted these as I made them and for 7 hours, I went sorta mini-viral with my silly edits. Not hugely viral, but I was "doing numbers" I didn't do every day. I have one or two online acquaintances who think of these first when they think of my work, rather than some of my more serious and labored-over productions. Being perfectly and completely honest, that delights me. Weezer Wednesday was fun.

And now it can be Weezer Wednesday once again and forevermore, because I've finally found the folder full of the original edits on my back-up hard drive. That's how I know the exact timestamp of when I made them and how I can even share them with you now—this is why you always back-up your data, folks!

Nicky Flowers - 05/29/24 - Happy Wednesday