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Blah Week

Hear me out

Holidays are a fuck. That's how I feel. It's been rough emotionally but practically speaking, it was nice. My girlfriend and I got Tekken 7 to play together after our traditional Chinese takeout meal. We both want to git gud at fighting games and this was the one we gravitated towards. Mostly because of the characters and the goofy, self-serious nature of the narrative/lore. A father and son's eternal struggle to throw each other off of increasingly taller locations. A tale as old as time.

It's also, get this--quite fun to play. Even though we're not quite good at it yet (I still can't do basic combos), we're at least evenly matched and have close games end in excitement. And boy howdy I need excitement these days. The general malaise I feel during this season is, for some reason, a million times worse in the days after Christmas but before New Year's. It's always been this weird miserable little week to me. It's raining here as well, which wouldn't be as annoying as it is if I were the kind of person to have proper raingear. Sure, that one's my fault but this in-between bit of time always feels a little off.


I think we need to do something about this week. Make a whole thing of it. I have a few concepts. First, everyone gets off of work and other stupid obligations. I think the only thing that anyone needs to do from now unitl the 1st is absolutely nothing. If you want to play Tekken 7 with your gf? Try to stop her cancelling your very cool grapples? How does she keep doing that? Or maybe you have a different hobby. That's fine, but only do stuff that's chill. Everyone just needs to chill. Second thing I think would make this week nice is we all get a little treat. A bunch of dorks talk a lot about how certain things are or aren't "human nature" but the one trait I know for certain is shared with every person on the planet is the desire for a little treat. That would improve things. So, doing nothing and having a treat. So far, so good. The third suggestion I have is slightly more complicated. I need, like, $5,000. It would just be so useful and cool to have for the problems in my life.

So! That's basically it. That's my idea for a new holiday week. We all chill and I get $5,000 dollars. I'm willing to do the other stuff first though, no rush. I've been calling it Blah Week but after we fix it, we could call it something like "Fun Week". I'm not good at naming weeks but you get the idea. I need to go back to Tekken's practive mode. The combo to pull off King's Rolling Death Cradle isn't going to teach itself to me.

Putting a link to the chatbox at the bottom of blog posts to facilitate discussion going forward! Let me know there if you have other ideas to fix Blah Week.

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